What makes a Cannabis Company Craft?

“The very same things that make a Brewery craft.” Rita Hall, President and CEO, BeeHighVE Inc.

"A Craft Brewery is defined as one that “produces small amounts of beer, typically less than large breweries, and is often independently owned. Such breweries are generally perceived and marketed as having an emphasis on enthusiasm, new flavours, and varied brewing techniques.” referenced

"A craft brewery is, by definition, an independent brewery. Breweries of this scale produce far smaller amounts of beer as compared to their large-scale corporate counterparts. The term "craft" has to do with the fact that these breweries emphasize quality beer and tend to view beer production as more of an art form driven by passion and finely-honed techniques.”referenced

BeeHighVE defines Craft Cannabis

In parallel to a Craft Brewery, a Craft Cannabis Company grows Cannabis in small batches so that growers can pay strict attention to each plant and can manipulate growth to ensure plants reach their full potential before harvest.

Craft Cannabis Companies are also independently owned. They are not owned or controlled by larger, cannabis companies and therefore, a craft cannabis company has the freedom to make decisions on what and how they produce.

Craft Producers are Cannabis Enthusiasts - quality and goodness are the priorities for every crop. They typically grow unique strains and do everything by hand to ensure each plant is healthy from start to finish. At a craft production facility, plants are not attached to machines that provide calculated amounts of water and standard nutrients. Growers carefully tend to each plant – watering by hand and adding and adjusting nutrients as needed. Drying is not a hurried event. It will take several weeks before the plant is ready to be trimmed. Trimming is also done by hand to ensure flower quality and integrity.

Craft cannabis enthusiasts are not growing to the lowest common denominator. They focus on customer experience and have the flexibility of testing different growing methods to guide and maximize the output of the flowers’ attributes – their cannabinoids and terpenes. The focus of a truly craft cannabis producer is more on providing everything that the plant has to offer – delivering the entourage effect – all of the plants compounds working together to provide the overall psychoactive effects of the plant.

And finally, not to be confused with a Micro Cannabis Operation, a Craft Cannabis Company does not have to sell wholesale. It can sell direct to its own store or to other licensed cannabis retail outlets across Canada. It has been awarded this opportunity by meeting or exceeding the same stringent government regulations as those met by the larger publicly traded cannabis facilities.

In true Newfoundland and Labrador style, BeeHighVE brings the Local Craft experience to our Province’s Cannabis marketplace. Our products are proudly grown right here on the Island and strongly rooted on NL soil and in the traditions we are best known for - quality, purity, and natural goodness. With a view to keeping everybody happy – as is the “Newfoundland Way”, we have chosen to grow strains that range from High THC to High CBD and we have a variety that are in between. From our facility on the water’s edge, on the North Shore Highway, our plants are grown in small batches and our buds are dried slowly and hand manicured to perfection. Our strains are well sought after and hard to find so they are meticulously cared for from seed to sale.

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